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Target Age Range: 10+
Class Duration: Half & Full Day

Course Summary:

This year we combine 2 popular camps into one as students will first work in Stop Motion to lay the groundwork for their movies. Have you ever wanted to make a Lego person dance? Or maybe watch as a clay monster terrorizes a town made of bricks and glue? In this camp, students will learn the fundamentals of stop motion animation. 

- Learn how to animate real world objects frame by frame
- Learn traditional storyboarding techniques
- Learn basic shot composition and film language
- Discuss basic film theory, lighting, and color theory
- Utilize clay, lego, and puppets to create stop motion films

Course Details:

In the 2nd part of the camp, Video Editing adds special effects, music or whatever soundtrack you need to create the final cut. Everything you see, from animated lego clips and music videos on youtube to films in the cinema, all is captured on digital film stock, then edited on the computer. This process of digital video editing is used and desired in visual arts the world over, from graphic designers and advertisers, to photographers and film directors. 

  • Learn how to composite film
  • Shot composition & layout
  • Basic lighting set up & color theory
  • Use Adobe Premiere & After Effects
  • Basics of media & film theory
  • Get to use a green room (or at least learn what it is!)

Students will work in pairs and/or groups when required so everyone should be ready to participate together. Please contact us with any questions and please review our camp guidelines.

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