Program Areas & Curriculum

Renaissance Arts offers a variety of structured, progressive, term-based courses for students of all ages as well as specialized Camps and intensive Workshops throughout the year. Each of our class curriculums are carefully crafted to provide continual challenge and variety to keep the projects interesting and allow the opportunity to introduce new skills and techniques, while always emphasizing fun and accomplishment as students progress.

Birthday Party

Program overview

What can be more fun than an art party at Renaissance Art Center? We offer a complete birthday package for your child, ages 5 and older. Choose from a variety of art projects (guided by our instructors) and a party plan that fits your budget. Parties are held on Saturday, at different times through the day and during the school year calendar, September through June. Our Party Packages are as follows:

PACKAGE A - $300

  • 10 Children (Excluding the birthday child) Additional children $20 each.
  • 1 Room for Art Project
  • 1 Instructor per 12 children
  • 1.5 Hour Guided Art Project
  • No Food or extra room.
  • Special gift for birthday child & all attendees from Renaissance Art Center
  • Email invite (Up to 3)

PACKAGE B - $375

  • 10 Children (Excluding the birthday child) Additional children $20 each.
  • 2 Rooms - 1 for Art Project & 1 for Food.
  • 1 Instructor per 12 children
  • 1 Hour Guided Art Project
  • Extra room for food. (We do not supply any food.) You may bring cake or pizza.
  • Paper goods for party with forks, knives & spoons.
  • Special gift for birthday child & all attendees from Renaissance Art Center
  • Email invite (Up to 3) 

To register for your party: First choose your package & time slot. Proceed to check out and choose your payment option. We require at minimum, a 1/2 depoit (non-refundable). Your balance is due prior to or the day of the party. Any adjustments will be made after the inital registration. We will confirm your party date and set up an appointment to review art projects. Contact us with any questions about regisering for your party.

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Curriculum overview

Choose from different time slots on Saturday and from any of our specially designed art projects. Please consider your child's age when choosing a project, as some are intended for an older audience. We have a catalog of projects to choose and while some customization is possible, we cannot create a new project without an additional fee. Please ask if this is something you want. The times & projects available are:


  • 11:30 AM  (Package A Only)
  • 2:45 PM    (Package A or B)
  • 3:00 PM    (Package A or B)
  • 3:30 PM    (Package A or B)
  • 4:00 PM    (Package A or B)


  • Drawing/Painting    (All times available)
  • Makins Clay® Craft (All times available) *Makins Clay® is an air dry polymer clay. Enviromentally safe & easy to use, Makins Clay® is great for all ages. Using this material allows for projects to made & taken home the same day.
  • Pottery Hand Building (2 pm & 4 pm) *Pieces made in pottery will be hand sculptured & are not available to take home. Due to the firing process, pieces can be picked up usually 2 weeks after the event.

These packages can be applied to any other event, ie, Girl Scouts, Business Meetings, etc. Please contact about scheduling your event.

Courses offered:

Home School Classes

Program overview

Renaissance Art Center offers home school students an opportunity to fulfill their art requirement. With our educational curriculum. a course can be tailored for your group. Course will be a hybrid of the following areas, but can be tailored to your needs. (Please inquire):

  • Drawing/Painting
  • Pottery

Classes can be held based on your schedule and your group, utilizing our instructors, curriculum & materials. Please contact us with any questions about how to form your Home School classes during the 2018-19 school year.

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Curriculum overview

Using our classrooms, curriculum & instructors, your home scholl student can fulfil their art requirement. We can tailor the porgram to your age needs and usually offer classes during the day, off hours so that you can save on tuition costs as well. We offer home classes in the following subjects: (Along with any customized needs)

  • Pottery (Hand building & Wheel Throwing)
  • Drawing/Paining

If you are interested in forming a Home School class with Renaissance Art Center, please contact us for more information.

Courses offered:

Schools Out Workshop

Program overview

School may be out, but Renaissance has a workshop planned for your child. Come join us for a day of art, as we have many activities in store for children between ages 5 - 12. Students will explore a variety of topics within our many art programs, such as:

  • Drawing/Painting
  • Mixed Media
  • Pottery/Ceramics

Tuiton for workshops can be found on either the Policies tab or the Schedule tab.

Ages groups will be segemented and this will depend on the registrations received for the workshop, however we cannot guarantee what groups students will be placed in. With advance notice, we can place students within the same groups. Students attending with younger siblings/friend must be placed in a younger bracket if they need to be together. 

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Curriculum overview

This is a great chance chance for students to explore the different programs that Renaissance offers. Students will rotoate through Drawing/Painting, Mixed Media and Pottery/Ceramics. The objective is fun, but education too, as we show your child all the different art topics they can learn at Renaissance. Please note the following about our Schools Out Workshop:

  • Workshop hours are 9 am - 3 pm.
  • Tuition is $75 plus materials fee.
  • After care is available from 3 pm - 6pm for most workshops. (Additional fees may apply for later pick up after 6 pm.) Register using Care Services Daily when available.
  • Ages are for students 5 through 12.
  • Students bring 1 snack & their own lunch. (We have plenty of water.)
  • If you child have special medical needs, please submit a health form from enrollment page.
  • Students are expected to exhibit the proper behavoir and respect for other attendees.
  • There are no refunds/credits for withdrawals or cancellations.
  • In the event of inclement weather, there are no refunds. However you may attend 2 classes in lieu of the workshop.

If we do not reach a minimum number of students, we reserve the right to cancel the Schools Out program for that day. We will send an email notifcation of we decide to cancel.

Courses offered:

Full Year Tuition

Program overview

Choose to pay your tuition for a full year rather than sign up each semester. You will receive a discounted rate when you select the full term option and you are guaranteed seating if classes fill up. Full year enrollemts are accepted at the start of the school year (September) and continue through the end of the Winter Term (March). The advantages of enrolling for Full Year include:

  • Lower tuition costs (10% savings).
  • Guaranteed seating for the class you choose.
  • 5% discount on any Birthday Party, workshop or Spring Break Camp offered during the term. (Does not apply to Summer Camps.)

Tuiton for classes can be found on either the Policies tab or the Schedule tab.

Please note: Certain restrictions apply and additional fees may apply to the full year program. Please contact us with any questions.

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Curriculum overview

If you are certain that you will be joining us for the year, consider a full year enrollment. You will receive a discounted tuition rate (10% savings) plus a guaranteed seat if classes fill up. Also we offer a 5% discount on any birthday party, workshop or Spring Break Camp. (Does not apply to Summer Camps.) At the start of each semester you will choose your class, day & time, and only need to register in September. The yearly schedule will be posted later in summer and classes are once a week for the semester. Please note the following restrictions: 

  • Additional fees may be required if your child moves up to an older course level.
  • Some classes require an additional materials fee.
  • Additional fees will be billed in Spring after we determine any amount due.
  • There are no refunds for withdrawals of any nature after the start of the program in September. Strongly consider this as we cannot make exceptions in any case. For more details, read through the Policies tab.

Courses offered:

Art Classes

Program overview

At Renaissance Art Center, we believe the arts are a foundation to all many directions in life. Mastery of the elements of form, shape, lighting and space serve an important part of the process to developing a student's artistic voice and establishes a visual discipline that will last a lifetime. You are never too young or old for classes, and all levels are welcome at our center. From the youngest class (Art Start) to our most advanced (Practicum Portfolio Studies), we teach in an educational format and always push and challenge students to reach their full potential. We cover the following in different course offereings:

  • Drawing & Painting
  • Mixed Media
  • Digital Arts
  • Pottery
  • Practicum Series (Portfolio Building for Advanced Art Studies - Fine Arts & Ceramics)

Tuitons can be found on either the Policies tab or the Schedule tab.


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Curriculum overview

The Renaissance Art Center program is based on a progressively challenging series of courses which provides enough structure for success and room for creative expression.  We offer a variety of levels of drawing, pottery, digital & other courses for all age groups. Please click on any of the courses below, based on your child's age. While we understand some parents may feel they want a younger child to take an older course, we reserve the right to decide which course will be best suited in those cases. A child can always move up a level when warranted, but pushing a child up too soon can cause frustration and ultimately loss of interest. When in doubt, just ask us as we are always here to help.

We cover alot of ground in our courses and utilize a wide variety of mediums. Students blossom as they switch in and out of different subjects and ultimately, our Advanced students begin their portfolio process in our Practicum Series. Many students over the years have integrated Digital, Drawing, and Pottery with each other to cultivate an understanding of the artistic process.

Please contact us with any questions about our program and which course may best suit your child's needs.

Courses offered:


Program overview

Renaissance Arts adult programs offer a wide variety of options designed to accommodate adult students with diverse interests and backgrounds. Whether you are seeking personal enrichment, career development, or networking opportunities, our Adult Program courses and workshops provide multiple pathways to help you meet your individual goals. All levels are welcome, especially beginngers.


Tuitons can be found on either the Policies tab or the Schedule tab.


Female senior painting

Curriculum overview

Strengthen your professional and artistic skills or just come and have fun. You do not have to be a full-time art school student to explore new artistic media, challenge your creativity, or discover new means of self expression. We offer studio courses in Drawing/Painting & Ceramics/Pottery and personal workshops in Digital Arts. Classes are informal and students of all levels are welcome. If you are looking for a corporate team building event, we can help arrange. Just contact us for details.

Courses offered:


Program overview

Renaissance offers a wide range of educational and creative camp programs for students ages five (5) to teens. Choose from a wide variety of camps:

  • Full Day 9 - 4:30
  • 1/2 Day Morning 9 - 12:30
  • 1/2 Day Afternoon 1 - 4:30

When choosing a FULL DAY CAMP, combine a morning camp with an afternoon camp. They can be the same or different, whichever your preference. All camps are held indoor and run all summer long, with before and after care options available. Students bring their own lunch and are supervised by Renaissance staff. To the best of our ability, we will segment the age groups within a camp so that appropriate age groups work together. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Tuiton for camps can be found on either the Policies tab or the Schedule tab. For Care services, see the policies tab.

Camps are staffed by a team of committed counselors and instructors, trained within our own method/curriculum and undergo background checks. Many of the staff serve as instructors in our After-School Programs during the school year. Renaissance fosters self-esteem, respect for others and an appreciation of the arts. Please let us know if there are any questions.

Program camps

Curriculum overview


Camps run Monday through Friday each week beginning June 17th and continue through August 30st. We offer the following options:

  • Full Day Camps 9 am to 4:30 pm
  • Half Day Camps (AM: 9:00AM-12:30PM or PM: 1:00-4:30PM).
  • Before Care starting 8:15 am
  • After Care until 6 pm
  • For a Full Day camp, choose a morning option & an afternoon option. They can both be the same or different camps.
  • Camps are priced weekly with a discount offered for multiple weeks.
  • Health Forms are required.
  • A supervised lunch period is provided students staying all day. Campers must bring their own lunch and snacks. 
  • We are open the week of July 4th and the tuition is pro-rated accordingly.
  • To the best of our ability, we will segment the age groups within a camp so that appropriate age groups work together. If requesting siblings and/or friends to be together, the older child must go with the younger group. (Younger cannot be put into an older age group level.)

Before and after care are billed the week you come to camp. You only pay for what you need and prior to camp you will receive an introduction packet with camp guidelines, procedures for drop off & pick up and required health forms. For Care services, see the policies tab. 

Please contact us with any questions about our Summer Camp program and please read the Polices page before completing registration.

Courses offered:

Practicum Series

Program overview

The Practicum Series is a specialized program designed for students seeking an advanced level in art education.Our program offers full year enrollment (September through June) or a 1/2 year enrollment (Fall/Winter or Winter/Spring). Students attend a special 2 hour class weekly.

Over the years, students from the Renaissance Art Center Practicum Series program have been accepted to various magnets art programs in the area. (Good Counsel, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, & others elite programs.)

Focus is on development of a student's portfolio along with advancement of skills. Utilizing a specialized curriculum that allows for classroom & home use, students can upload their work to an online portfolio. There will also be presentations from local colleges to aid in the preparation for college admissions. Requirements are as follows:

  • Students must be a minumum age of 10 or with instructor approval
  • Commitment for a full year or 1/2 year.
  • Students attend 2 hour class per week, per the scheduled days & times. 
  • The proper attitude and maturity required for advanced level of art.

Tuitons can be found on either the Policies tab or the Schedule tab.

Please note that after September 1st, there are no refunds for withdrawals from the course for any reason. Please contact us with any questions about the Practicum Series program.

Practicum dpc

Curriculum overview

The Practicum Series has 2 core programs: Fine Arts & Ceramics/Pottery.

The Fine Arts program focuses on portfolio building and students will work on medium development, individual & classroom critique and art history. There are contest submissions, lectures and an appreciation of art history. With a new curriuclum, students will have access to their portfolis and assignments at home plus will have access to college admission representatives for preparation of their portfolios.

Our newly developed Ceramics/Sculture progam is designed for students wanting to explore pottery as their focus. Students will cover advanced hand building and wheel throwing techniques. At first students work from a conventional fine arts track of conceptual work, sketching and designing their pieces. The instructor then guides the student through the process of bringing their pieces to reality.

We offer an optional Practicum Lab Series to add to a student's prtfolio. We will offer a 12 hour course in Ceramics & Digital Arts which will help round out a student's portfolio. The lab fees are separate from the 2 core programs and are meant to compliment the program, but is not a requirement. (This course is not available to student's not enrolled in the Practicum Series.)

Practicum Series students attend classes weekly for 2 hours weekly and must make a commitment for their entire rnrollment. Please contact us with any questions about our program to see to find their right fit for your child. 

Courses offered: