The Practicum Series: Ceramics & Fine Art

October 10th, 2014

The Practicum Series is designed for Fine Arts & Ceramics portfoliio building. Students looking to further their creativty and education in Fine Arts or Ceramics are encouraged to participate in the program, covering a wide range of upper level curriculum studies. The 2015/2016 schedule is now online and we are accepting registrations.

Istock practicum2 small

The course will run from JSeptember through June and students attend 3 hours weekly. You can take 1 class for the entirety or choose 2 1.5 hour sessions, Tuesday - Saturday. The focus will be on portfolio building, contest submission and the trading of ideas between students. Starting age is 10 1/2 and students should be prepared (and interested) in, a unique study program for the arts. Contact us for details about this special program.

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