Practicum Series For Advanced Art Studies & Portfolio Building

July 25th, 2016

We have updated our Practicum Series program for the 2017_18 year. Classes are 2 hours long and we have updated the curriculum. We are also adding College review days to the schedule plus have a new 1/2 year schedule along with a Full Year program. Choose from Fine Arts, Ceramics and a Lab Series.

Draw paint camp

There are several new additions to the Practicum Series program this year. Along with a Fine Arts program, there is a specialized Ceramics curriculum. Some of the updates to the program include:

  • Classes are now 2 hour weekly.
  • There is an online component to the curriculum.
  • We are coordinating College review days with local schools.
  • You can add a Digital Lab and a Ceramics Lab to your program.
  • There is a Full Year Program as well as a 1/2 year.

For any question regarding the Practicum Series, please view the Program tab or contact us by email.

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