Advanced Pottery

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Target Age Range: 10+
Class Duration: 90

Course Summary:

Advanced Pottery classes have been merged into our Practicum Series: Ceramincs/Sculpture Program. Students at this level should begin to discover more about Ceramics history and start a path towards more refinded work. Please view the Practicum Series: Ceramics/Sculpture for more information about schedules & tuition.

Course Details:

Advanced Pottery has merged into the Practicum Series: Cermaics/Sculpture. This 2 hour program will allow student to achieve a new levels in their work. While they should be able to work independent of the instructor, students will be guided in more complex pieces of ceramics. From sculture to wheel throwing, students will sketch and design pieces, learn Ceramics history and progress with a specially designed curriculum. Please see the Practicum Serier: Ceramics for more information.

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