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Target Age Range: 5-6 year-olds
Class Duration: Half & Full Day

Course Summary:

New to Renaissance 2018 Camps! Students rotate through a series of different projects in Makin’s Clay®, Sewing, and Crafts throughout the week.

  • Makins Clay® is a no bake, air dry polymer clay that is fun to use and gret for kids. Hypo allergenic & enviromentally safe, there is no baking (or smelly fumes) so campers projects dry fast. Projects are age appropriate so campers can easily create with it.
  • We'll encourage campers to learn the sewing process, but we are there to guide them through. Great for hand eye cooridination.
  • This camp does not include Mud Pies, Draw & Build LEGO, Drawing/Painting/Collage, or STEAM. You would have to sign up specifically for those camps.
  • Pair a morning camp with an afternoon camp to create a Full Day Camp.

If you have any questions, please contact us and make sure to read through our camp policies.

Course Details:

Renaissance designed this camp for those who enjoy arts and crafts projects, and working with a variety of materials. Students will work with a variety of projects and in different disciplines. Days will include working in the following curriculums:

  • Makin’s Clay® a no bake, air dry polymer clay. Great for kids and safe to use.
  • Sewing, Crafts, & other mediums.
  • Students will rotate through different projects daily to keep focused and make the day enjoyable.
  • Projects are organized in sets so that returning campers do not repeat subject matter.
  • This camp does not include other 5/6 half day camps. You would have to sign up specifically for those camps.

Campers rotate through different projects using different mediums throughout the week and experience a variety of art styles. 

Please contact us if you have any questions about the registration process and please take a moment to read through our policies.

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