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Programs: Art Classes
Target Age Range: 10+
Class Duration: 90 Minutes

Course Summary:

This course will focus on studying the human figure through drawing, anime/cartooning & ceramics. Lessons willl cycle through three elements:

  • Drawing/Painting
  • Ceramics
  • Anime/Cartooning

Designed for student enrolled in Intermediate Drawing or higher,  projects will challenge students at their own level within each section. Its a very hands-on class and will aid in increasing a students understanding of the 3 Dimensional aspect of art.

Course Details:

During the Drawing & Painting portion of the class, students will start with quick gesture and contour drawings focusing on accurate proportions and foreshortening. Students will use a variety of materials as they use value to create form and explore mood expression in their art. Short studies of these concepts will lead into a longer in depth portrait drawing.

During the Ceramics portion, students will learn the fundamentals of wheel throwing, hand building including pinch, slab, and coil construction. Using carving and modeling techniques they complete their detailed study. Students will glaze their finished pieces.

For Anime/Cartooning, students will complete a separate study using specialized curricumulum. Understanding the various cartoon & anime forms used over the years and how to create character images. The course will close with a review discussion about the benefits of understanding 2D and 3D form in art.

PLEASE NOTE: Students are welcome to join late however we cannot guarantee as to where students are within the cycle. By joining late, classes are prorated so you will not be charged for missed classes. However you cannot go back and make up for those missed days. Please contact us with any questions.

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2019 Spring Term

Day Time Status Tuition Registration
Saturday 11:00 AM Open $245.00 Register
Saturday 1:00 PM Open $245.00 Register
Monday 4:30 PM Closed $245.00 Register
Wednesday 5:30 PM Closed $245.00 Register
Friday 5:30 PM Open $245.00 Register