MIXED MEDIA: Makin's Clay, Sewing & Printmaking

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Programs: Art Classes
Target Age Range: 7+ year-olds
Class Duration: 90 Minutes

Course Summary:

A new class from Renaissance featuring 3 compents to create a Mixed Media Class.

  • Makin's Clay: An air dry polymer clay, is an exclusive product to Renaissance Art Center.
  • Printmaking: One of the oldest art techniques.
  • Sewing: A basic need for everyone to learn.

The course will cover an introduction to these mediums featuring a variety of lesson plans throughout the semester. Students should be of age to handle certain equipment and tools.

Course Details:

In this new class, projects will use a variety of mediums to create new art forms. The semester will cover 3 areas, introducing students to:

  • Makin's Clay: An air-dry polymer clay. This clay is used to create a wide range of jewlery, bookmarks, figurines, & more. Easy to use, quick results and a great medium to learn about sculpting.
  • Printmaking: One of the oldest art forms. Students will learn the process of creating the image, inking and use of a printing press. Focus is on gel, relief, reduction & collography.
  • Sewing: A lost art and now students can learn the basics. Create small bags, plsuhies and more by learning a life skill craft.

Students should be able to use certain equipment and tools in this class.

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2019 Spring Term

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