Lab Series Ceramics

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Programs: Practicum Series
Target Age Range: 10+
Class Duration: 180

Course Summary:

A 12 hour course complimenting the portfolio segment of the Practicum Series. Students will choose either Ceramics, Digital Arts (or both) to fulfiil a  requirement for their portfolios. This course must be taken in conjuction with The Practicum Series and is not a stand alone course. Students will be required to schedule their times with the specific department and the instructional hours are in addition to their Practicum courses.

Course Details:

The Lab Series will offer 12 hours of instructional classes from 2 disciplines:

  • Ceramics
  • Digital Arts

Ceramics- A 12 hour elective that is focused on building and strengthening the three demential portion of a students portfolio. The students receive information via handouts and lectures outlining the types of clay, construction methods, firing styles, and terminology within the ceramic world. The instructor will also cover a brief history of traditional american ceramics as the students work to create portfolio quality pieces with historical reference.

You can register for as many Labs as you want throughout the year, and each lab will cover a different curriculum track. After you register for your lab you receive an email to schedule your Lab times. Please contact us with any questions.

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