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Target Age Range: 10+
Class Duration: Half & Full Day

Course Summary:

3D Sculpting & Printing uses simple and intuitive programs via desktop computers and is a technique used in many animated features today. Although not a pre-requisite, students should have a background in drawing, either by hand or digitally. Instructors will guide you through process of understanding how the 3D process works step-by-step. 

Course Details:


For the artist who loved Big Hero Six, Frozen, and Minions this camp is for you. These animated features are created using computers which utilize 3D sculpting to create the characters you know and love from these films and, through this class, you will learn how to create your own 3D characters in a virtual space. Using simple and intuitive programs, the Renaissance Digital staff will go over the fundamentals of digital sculpting and how it relates to the arts using industry standard programs and terminology.

    • Learn how to sculpt in the computer
    • 3D workflow used by the animation and games industry, from paper to the computer.
    • Learn industry standard practices that will be invaluable to any artist who has aspirations to
      create their own films and games. 
    • Print your own 3D piece utlizing our new 3D printer.*

* - 3D printing is limited to size and time length. Printing is done through the discretion of the studio and not every piece can be printed.


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