Practicum Series: Ceramics/Sculpture

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Programs: Art Classes, Practicum Series
Target Age Range: 10+
Class Duration: 2 Hours

Course Summary:

This course will focus on the advanced principles of working in clay, covering both hand building & wheel throwing techniques. Students will study the origins of ceramics, how it affects our lives and mastering the creating of pottery. Depending on the goals of the student, instructors guide students both in scultural and functional perspective. For 2016/2017, students attend a 2 hour weekly with a choice of a full year enrollement (35 weeks) or 1/2 year Winter (22 Weeks Beginning January 2nd.). Certain requirements apply, so please cntact with any questions before registration.

Course Details:

A new addition to our Practicum Series, this course will focus solely on ceramics. With a unique curriculum, instructors will guide students through various levels of work, dependng on the students level. Students will start with a more conventional fine art track of conceptual work, sketching out their ideas. After a design is reached, students will work with the instructor to strategize the process of bringing their concept to reality. Please note the following requirments to this program:

  • Students must be a minimun age of 10.5 years
  • They should have basic pottery skills in hand building & wheel throwing
  • Must attend 2 hours weekly (Full year or 1/2 year enrollment)
  • Attain the maturity and focus level of advanced lessons

Please contact us with any questions about the program and whether it is right for your child.

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