Programs: Camps
Target Age Range: 12+ year-olds
Class Duration: Half & Full Day

Course Summary:

Whether you are at an advanced level or just want to learn more skills, this camp is for you. Topics include drawing/painting, pottery/ceramincs, and variety of multi media. Curriculum is designed to help cultivate a sense of beauty, establish patience and confidence in working independently. Students who enjoy the camps may consider enrolling in our school year classes or our Practicum Portflio building program.

Please note: This is not an open studio and students are expected to work within the currciulum designed. While students can use earphones for music, we ask that devices not be used for social media uses during camp time.

Course Details:

The week outline is as follow for a Full Day camp.

  • Morning session is Pottery & Ceramics. Students will focus on handbuilding sculpture and wheel throwing techniques. Learn to properly apply glaze to your finished pieces.
  • Afternoons include drawing/painting and mixed media lesson plans.  
  • Other projects include self portraits, sculpture using natural materials and printmaking. Mediums include acrylic paint, pen & ink, marker, charcoal, oil & chalk pastel, clay & more. Learn correct vocabulary, art styles & periods and how to critique art.

If you wish to only register for a TEEN half day, morings are designated to Pottery and afternoons other mediums. There are no TEEN Pottery projects in the afternoons. Please contact us with any questions.

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