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Target Age Range: 8+ year-olds
Class Duration: Half & Full Day

Course Summary:

This Camp combines a lot of different digital arts projects. Campers will explore various techniques of digital:

  • Illustration, Animation and Programming
  • 3D Printing
  • Photoshop
  • Computer graphics drawing with professional grade software & hardware.

Please note: If registering for a full day, students should be able to focus and stay within the computer room for the designated time period. For younger campers, consider the half day option coupled with another camp.

Course Details:

From comics to films, every modern entertainment medium uses traditional pencil and paper skills on the computer. This course is an introduction to utilizing digital methods to create illustrations as well as taking those skills and transferring them into the world of animation. Students will be shown how to use digital tablets and graphics software to draw and create illustrations and animation on the computer. Students will also be taught basic fundamentals of drawing, such as value, shape, perspective and observation as well as industry standard terminology.

- Learn how to draw and animate on the computer
- Learn illustration and animation workflow and discover how the two influence each other 
- Learn 3D Printing and print objects using techniques learned.

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