Programs: Drawing & Painting
Target Age Range: 5-6 year-olds
Class Duration: 90

Course Summary:

This class marks the starting point for artist-to-be. Students learn the use of value, line and proportion to create realistic drawings. Mediums used are marker, chalk pastel, acrylic paint & watercolors. Students will learn how to discuss their work and exchange ideas with each others.

Course Details:

Learning how to properly use materials, and follow general studio procedures. By teaching young children how to use and control materials properly and safely they develop habits that are carried forward. Projects at this level are designed to demonstrate to children how to organize the process of drawing and improve their results. We emphasize planning, sequencing, problem solving, and staying on task. This slightly more structured approach at this early stage is important and results in dramatic grow in their drawings. We support and encourage children to express their personal creative instincts as part of their artwork. Regardless of the artist's age, their growth is a result of the skills and techniques they've mastered combined with their creativity and desire to express it.

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