Practicum Series: Fine Arts

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Programs: Art Classes, Practicum Series
Target Age Range: 10+
Class Duration: 2 Hours

Course Summary:

The Practicum Series Fine Arts program focuses portfolio building and enhancing a student's artistic level and technique. A primary focus is on portfolio building while simultaneously building strong pieces. Students spend time producing a more developed and technically sound piece of art work. In 2016/2017, students attend a 2 hour class each week, either full year or 1/2 year. Course is as the word describes: an upper level supervision for practical pieces. There will also be representatives from local colleges to assist students in the decision making process of where to attend an art school and to have their portfolios reviewed, (high school level).

Course Details:

Our curriculum offers students an opportunity to prepare their portfolios for college admissions. Students focus on Drawing/Painting, but have an option to add Ceramics and Digital Arts projects to round off their portfolios. Students are challenged to achieve a higher level of artistic talent, all with individual attention. Instructors take into account a students age, maturity, and artistic level and the goals they are looking to achieve. The following are some requirements of the Fine Arts program:

  • Students must be a minimun age of 10.5 years
  • They should have basic drawing skills and able to work with a variety of materials.
  • Must attend 2 hours classes weekly (Full year or 1/2 year enrollement)
  • Attain the maturity and focus level of advanced lessons

Students must committed to a year long (or 1/2 year) program as there are no refunds after the registration date of the term. Students may join during the course, however there are no registrations accepted past March 1st of the current year. Registration for 2016/2017 will begin in summer. Please contact us with any questions you might have about the program.

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