Adult Pottery

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Programs: Adult
Target Age Range: Adults
Class Duration: 2 Hours

Course Summary:

Designed for students who want to learn how to throw their own pottery or maybe just re-live the college classes they took years ago. We cater to all levels and all ages. Learn basic wheel throwing and hand building techniques, and progress at your own pace and level. Groups can be accomodated and corporate events are welcome too.

Course Details:

Adult pottery classes include instruction in wheel throwing and hand building techniques. Classes are for all levels of experience. Beginners learn pottery fundamentals: how to center a mound of clay, and how to throw, trim and glaze their pots. Intermediate and advanced students work to expand their skills and techniques. Vases, plates, cups and other pieces are made each session and your own creativity is encouraged. Adults classes are 2 hours and we encourage groups to attend together. All glazing and firing is done on premise.

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