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Programs: Art Classes
Target Age Range: 9+ year-olds
Class Duration: 90 Minutes

Course Summary:

A revised course that combines traditional stop motion animation with video editing principles. Create and design a stop motion video with a variety of mediums: LEGO's, clay, armature wire. Afterwards, learn the process of video editing using Adobe Premier software.

Course Details:

Since the early 1900's, from Santa Claus to LEGOS, Wallace & Gromit to Tim Burton, Stop Motion filmmakers have brought the world creative stories & characters. Now, using a variety of hardware & software, students create original stop motion animations. From start to finish, students learn the process: story creation, character development, storyboards, set design, building the actors and then filming the animation. Using Video Editing Adobe Premier software, students then add elements such as sound effects, green screen techniques and more. 

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2019 Spring Term

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Saturday 1:00 PM Open $245.00 Register