Code & Game Design

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Target Age Range: 8+ year-olds
Class Duration: 90

Course Summary:

An introduction to coding for elementary school-aged children focused on the basics of how computers work and how they’re programmed with an emphasis on game design, interactive animations, and storytelling. Instructors guide student through a series of lesson plans, devised to help students progress to various levels in a structured manner. Students are required to be 8 years old or at 3rd grade level.

Course Details:

We utilize the Tynker Learning Platform, which uses its own visual programming language. Focusing on bringing better STEM education tools into classrooms, the curriculum is grade based and easy to attain levels of success. Learning to program, one of the most valued skills in the 21st century, means having a basic understanding of a language’s underlying computational logic. The course will include topics like loops, conditionals, events, motion, pen drawing, collision detection and will have kids working on kid-appropriate, actually fun projects — stuff like creating cartoons, building mobile games, and building robots. Students will develop problem solving skills that they can utilize in a practical, real world way.

An additional Matierals & License fee is required for this class allowing students access to their work from home.

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