Digital Typing & Composition

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Target Age Range: 8+ year-olds
Class Duration: 90

Course Summary:

In this course, students are taught the proper Q,W,E,R,T,Y typing methods on today's style keyboards. Using Ultra Key, students gain the ability to compose text without looking at the keyboard. By mastering thes skills, they’ll become faster and more confident at the keyboard... an increasingly critical technological tool for students in their schoolwork. Comined with creative writing and illustrating, you have a trifecta of creativity.

Course Details:

If you want to learn touch-typing or improve your existing typing skills, this is the perfect course for you. Using lessons plans from Ultra Key 6, students learn the correct way to type, helping them gain an edge for today's digital homework. To hone their keyboarding and creative writing skills, students will learn to write and edit using Pages, a word document program. They will also illustrate their stories using either traditional means or via iPads/computers. This Course requires an additional Materials & License Fee enabling each student to use their personal license "at-home" for additional training.

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