“Wow! That’s all we can say”

    Our daughter came home with her drawing tonight and Wow! was all we could say. My husband emailed all his relatives and we can’t wait to frame it for our house. Thanks so much for a great program, and for providing kids for an artistic environment.

    – T.P., Rockville
    “Thanks for developing our son’s art”

    Thanks for developing and molding our son’s artistic talents.  He has done things through school and other local programs, but we always use your center as the Gold Standard. Anytime we talk about our son’s creativity, he asks when is he going back to Renaissance and every year, I tell him the same thing I’ll tell you. “Don’t worry, we’ll be there every Summer and Winter…”

    – G.P., Boyds
    “Great instructors ...”

    I had a great time in both the pottery and digital arts class. Renaissance has excellent instructors as they relate to both young folks and retirees, experienced potters, etc. That so many of us keep reenlisting is a testament to their skills, warm and engaging personalities.

    – J.W., Gaithersburg
    “Absolutely thrilled!”

    Our daughter had her first day of lego camp. She is absolutely thrilled. She is always happy to go to art class. But I haven’t seen her this excited ever! Thanks for such a great place for kids to be!

    – R.M., Boyds
    “She LOVED the camp”

    I should’ve taken the opportunity to tell you how much she LOVED the camp. I expect you may see her again this winter. She really loved it and I was so impressed with how organized the camp was. Pick up and drop off couldn’t have been easier, but most importantly, she loved it. She has already said that next year, she wants to do two weeks of art camp. Thank you so much for a great camp!!

    – M.L., Potomac
    “Delighted with Classes & Camps”

    This was our first year at Renaissance and attended both classes and a summer camp. My child attended was happy with the instructors, projects and class choices. As a parent, I was delighted by the classes offered, availability, very helpful staff, and a hassle-free registration. Thank you!

    – O.L., Germantown
    “Great Staff & Atmosphere”

    My daughter has had a great experience at Renaissance. She loves the variety of projects and now thinks about using materials in a whole new way. She made new friends and I think the staffing and atmosphere loaned itself to meeting new people as they worked side-by-side. We’ve both been talking up the experience—and as a result a friend enrolled in both classes and additional camps later in the summer.

    – M.D., North Potomac
    “Great Camp Experience”

    Thank you for a great camp experience! Renaissance Art was our favorite of the summer - friendly staff; fun and engaging activities; comfortable and safe environment; and affordable tuition. Your organization truly out-shined the others (which are “big names” in the summer camp business).

    – K.R., Gaithersburg
    “Safe and Happy”

    As parents, we enjoy the safe feeling knowing that the owners are always there and that there care as much about the parents as they do the kids. (The free Wi-Fi, coffee, clean bathrooms, etc.) So far, we have enjoyed the camps and classes you offered and we thank you very much. Keep up the great work!!!

    – T.B., Darnestown
    “Great Experience”

    This was a great experience for my kids. These were the first art classes that they have taken outside of school and they were definitely inspired. Also, Sam was very friendly and helpful every time I called.

    – J.L., Rockville